How to Import Data

The first step you should take in your new Infinite Catalog account is importing data from your various data sources. Importing data source documents into IC is quick & easy using our custom built importers. 

In most cases Artists, Releases and Tracks are all initially created via data imports by IC automatically.(Please click here too see why Shopify is the exception and why not to start with it

To import a data report, click the royalties drop-down menu on the top bar and click "Data Imports":  

Then, click the blue "Create" button on the top-left of the side:

Next, you'll see a page that looks like this:

Click the drop down menu, scroll to find your desired importer and select it. Once the proper importer is selected, drag and drop the desired file into the "Choose Files" field. Then, click the blue "Submit" button. If needed, multiple reports can be imported at the same time. Click the green "Add Another Import" button to add additional imports.

IC's Knowledge Base hosts Data Source documents that can help guide you to retrieving the proper data files for each data source as well as how to properly import them. Before using a data source importer for the first time, we suggest reading the corresponding data source doc to make sure you are importing the proper file correctly. 

If you do not see a data source you need listed in the drop down menu, no problem! We are always building new custom importers for our customers and can have them up and running in IC within a few days. Please fill out our importer request form here or email to request a new data importer.

It is important to note that we advise against editing any data reports prior to importing. The metadata you receive from your various distributors, publishers, e-commerce sites, etc. is by nature imperfect and each data source has a unique format for its transaction metadata. The magic behind IC is to help guide this imperfect raw data to its proper place.

While not common, there are some instances in which data should be edited before importing. If you think this applies to you please reach out to your catalog services rep or email to discuss before editing and/or importing edited data.

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