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Use importers to bring your transaction data from third party data sources into Infinite Catalog.

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Data Source

A provider of transactional data, normally a third party that pays you and provides accompanying data. Examples: Redeye, Secretly, The Orchard, Shopify, Bandcamp


A data source may provide multiple different sets of data, and thus can have multiple importers. At its base each importer provides a mapping between a data source's transaction fields and Infinite Catalog's transaction fields. For example, most data sources have a date field to indicate when a transaction occurred. This field could be called anything: "Date", "purchase date", "stream date", etc. That data source's importer maps that date field to "paid_timestamp", where our internal Transaction object stores its date field. Since each data source uses unique field names, each source requires a unique importer. Additionally, a single data source may require multiple importers.

Importers also help handle unique data needs, like subtracting payment processing fees or adding fixed offsets to transaction paid timestamps. Consult the documentation (available via the Create Data Import page) for each importer for further details.


Data imports can fail for a variety of reasons. Some common problems and their solutions are listed below.

The importer and the data file's source don't match. For example, trying to import Shopify data using the Redeye (Income) Digital importer will fail.

  • Solution: Ensure that the correct importer is used for your data source.

The data file has been edited. For example, manually removing a single artist's income from a Secretly income file.

  • SolutionDon't edit your data! Our importers assume the data files being uploaded are raw and straight from the source.
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