House Arrest

How to get the data:

  • Royalty reports are emailed every month
  • You'll receive the report in Excel format

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports
  • Select the House Arrest importer from the dropdown menu
  • For House Arrest expense reporting, please use the House Arrest (Expenses) Importer
  • This importer requires the Paid Timestamp to be entered manually
  • For Paid Timestamp - use the month the payout for the report was made to you, and a date in the middle of the month (we recommend the 15th - for example, a payout received in September 2023 would have a Paid Timestamp of 9/15/2023).

Legacy Info

House Arrest updated their reporting in August 2023 to a format which can be easily ingested in IC following the instructions above. If you are attempting to bring pre-August 2023 reporting into the system, we recommend reaching out to House Arrest directly to request historic reporting in this new formatting - as legacy reporting must otherwise be transposed to our Additionals doc in order to be ingested. When bringing legacy House Arrest reporting in the old format into IC manually, follow the instructions below.

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Transactions -> Create -> Bulk Create
  • Click on Additionals Transaction Template and make a copy
  • Transpose data from the House Arrest Excel file into related columns in the template (this process must be repeated for each album listed on the Statement tab):
    • Timestamp - use House Arrest reporting month
    • Paid Timestamp - use a date within the month when payment was received
    • Transaction Type - income
    • Total - copy/paste values from the Total column
    • Currency - USD
    • Artist - type artist name into all related cells
    • Release name - type release name into all related cells
    • Track name - copy/paste values from the Track Title column
    • Source - House Arrest
    • Category - Distribution
    • Format - copy/paste values from the Source column; transpose values to IC Format mappings:
      • DA - change to Download Album
      • DS - change to Streaming/Other
      • DT - change to Download/Track
      • DTETH - change to Download/Other
    • Quantity - copy/paste values from Net Units column
  • Once finished, download the template as a .csv
  • Navigate back to the Bulk Create transactions page, select the Additionals .csv and click Submit
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