Accounting for payee out of pocket expenses

Occasionally a payee will pay out of pocket for something that should be considered a shared expense

To account for this, two transactions are required; one for the expense to reflect it for anyone with a share of the net, and an additional transfer to reflect that it came from that particular payee. The expense should be input negatively as usual, and the transfer should be positive to reflect that it came from the payee. 

E.g. say there's a $100 expense paid by a payee on a 25% split:

$0 income
-$100 expense
= -$100 net
25% split
= -$25 payee balance
+$100 transfer
= $75 payee balance

... which is correct: the payee is owed $75 on the basis of their being responsible for only 25% of the shared expenses. The payee could be made whole by paying them part or all of the out of pocket expense directly (as an additional negative transfer); or you can wait until the project itself has recouped, at which point any additional amount still owed will be included in the payout. 
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