Can IC handle publishing royalties?

The short answer is, yes!

The longer answer is, we're better for certain types of publishers than others. 

These days publishing companies tend to take two distinct forms: 

  • those that collect directly from Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and other rights organizations around the world
  • those that use a 3rd party administrator to collect on their behalf. The 3rd party is commonly either a larger publisher, or a platform like Songtrust or Kobalt

If you use a 3rd party administrator, Infinite Catalog is an excellent solution! We'll ingest your 3rd party data, combine it with any other publishing income/advances/expenses that need to be accounted, and split the royalties according to the publishing deals with your writers (e.g. 85% to the writer for public performance, 75% for sync, etc). 

Note: PROs like ASCAP or BMI don't help collect the publisher-share from other PROs and organizations around the world. They do this for writer-share; to collect the publisher-share, you'll need to collect from other PROs and rights orgs directly, or use a 3rd party administrator.

If you're not using a 3rd party administrator, you'll need to do that before IC can work for you. In addition to Songtrust or Kobalt, you can find a list of publishing administrators in our Industry Directory by filtering to where "What do they do?" includes "Pub Admin". Tell 'em IC sent you!

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