Is it possible to delete a data import?

Yes, admin accounts have the ability to delete data imports.

Admins can only delete imports that have been imported successfully or have failed. If your imports are stuck "In Progress", please reach out to Support.

To do so, navigate to the import you'd like to delete in Royalties -> Data Imports. On the import page, click the red Delete button and you will see two options.

Delete just the import and its transactions: This option deletes the import and its transactions, leaving the items, tracks, releases, and artists from the import intact - but without any of the import's transactional data in them. This option is helpful when you want to re-import data with minor adjustments, but don't want to go through the process of Import Cleanup again.

Delete everything created by this import (transactions, artists, releases, tracks, and items): This option deletes everything, including any new artists, tracks, and items created by the import - along with the transactions they are associated with. This option is helpful when the data is erroneous and needs to be completely deleted from the system. You will have to Import Cleanup any items not recognized by our system again.

Please note - when you delete an import, it is permanent. This is one of the few things within IC you can do that is absolutely permanent. Please make sure it is necessary to delete before doing so - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Support.
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