Payment Processor Fees

If you use Stripe as your payment processor, make sure to include the "Stripe fee" field in your exports, and the importer will subtract the pro-rated fee from transactions. Unfortunately, payment processor fees are not available in exports for other processors including WooCommerce payments. In those cases, a default pro-rated 2.9% + 0.30 fee is subtracted from transactions.

How to Get the Data

To export orders with the required level of detail, you'll need to install the free Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce plugin. Follow the instructions under the "Installation" tab, then do the following:

  • Login to your Wordpress
  • Click "Export Orders" under "WooCommerce" in the sidebar navigation
  • Update the "Filter by order" section to only include orders with the status "Completed"
  • Select "CSV" as the format
  • Expand the "Set up fields to export" section on the bottom, make sure you have "Add products as rows" and "Fill order columns for all rows" enabled, then include the following columns (drag and drop fields from the right to the list on the left):
    • Under "Common"
      • Order Number included by default
      • Order Date included by default
      • Currency
      • Customer Note included by default
    • Under "Shipping Address"
      • Country Code (Shipping) included by default
    • Under "Products"
      • [P] SKU included by default 
    • Under "Product order items"
      • [P] Item Name included by default 
      • [P] Quantity included by default 
      • [P] Item Cost included by default 
      • [P] Order Line Total (- Refund)
    • Under "Totals"
      • Order Total Amount included by default
  • Click "Save settings"

When you're ready to do an export, select the appropriate date range (make sure it doesn't include unprocessed orders that are yet to be shipped) and click "Export"

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