Live Nation / YouTube

How to get the data:

  • Live Nation / YouTube data is delivered via email.
  • It must be unzipped twice, once for the main folder, and again to retrieve the .xlsx file from the .zip inside.

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select the Live Nation / YouTube importer.
  • This importer requires the timestamp and paid timestamp to be entered manually. Use the month and year listed in the report for the timestamp (any day that month - we often use the 15th as a default). Use the date that the payout was made to you from your distributor as the paid timestamp.
Please note - Live Nation / YouTube updated their data reporting in October 2021. For any data pre-dating October 2021, please use the Live Nation / YouTube Legacy (pre Oct 2021) importer.
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