How We Bill

First off, we appreciate your business! In addition to buying yourself a top notch royalty software/service, paying for Infinite Catalog also means you’re supporting an independent company that’s entirely funded by our beloved customers.

At IC, your monthly bill is determined by the "net" income received by the catalog after distribution, platform, or other fees get taken out first - aka what's typically considered "income" when it comes to royalty accounting.

Note! For billing, all that matters is when the income gets added to your IC account, not when the income itself occurred. (Otherwise folks could simply edit dates to avoid being billed - plus historic data costs just as much to process and host). That said, we do offer discounts on historic (1+ year old) income! If you have a lot that you'd like to bring into IC, reach out to Sales to discuss.

You can view your in-progress bill amount, upcoming payment date, past invoices, and payment methods at any time by navigating to Account -> Billing. (Note the billing page updates every 24 hours, so changes in income aren't reflected immediately.)

We use Stripe as our payment processor and subscription manager, and accept credit cards, ACH direct debit, and a few other methods.

The First Three Bills

  • The first bill occurs at the end of your free trial, regardless of when you put your billing info in. It is always just the minimum flat amount, to give you another cycle to remove any unnecessary income.
  • The second bill is for all the income in the account up to that point.
  • The third and all subsequent bills are based on the income that's been added to your account in the 30 days since your previous bill.

On the final day of each billing period we'll attempt to charge the payment method on file. If it can't be charged, you'll get an email requesting an updated payment method.

Missed Payments and Suspended Accounts

If we're unable to charge the payment method on file, you'll be prompted via email to update it, and Stripe will attempt to retry the charge up to four times.

At the beginning of each month, we reach out directly to customers with still-outstanding bills to request they update their payment method, and help with any issues.

If we're still unable to charge the payment method after three unpaid invoices, the account will be suspended until the payment method is updated and the invoices are paid, at which point the account will be reactivated. We keep suspended accounts available to be re-activated as long as we can, but we may archive or delete suspended accounts at any time.

If you want to keep your account but are unable to pay for it, for any reason, please let us know - we're humans, we know life can be tough sometimes, and we'll figure out a way to help if we can!

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