How We Bill

Billing is based on the income added to your account during the monthly billing cycle. The amount is determined by a sliding scale, which can be found on our pricing page.

We bill via Stripe Subscriptions, accept credit cards, ACH direct debit, and a few other methods, and you can always update your billing method or cancel at any time by navigating to Account -> Billing -> Manage Subscription.

How billing works:

  • The first bill is assessed at the end of your free trial, and is always the minimum flat. This gives you another cycle to remove any unnecessary income added during the free trial.
  • The second bill is for all the income in the account up to that point.
  • The third and all subsequent bills are based on the income that's been added to your account in the 30 days since your previous bill.

Note! The date of the transactions themselves is not relevant, only when it was added to your account - this allows us to account for older transactions right alongside newer transactions. 

You can always view your current billing cycle balance by navigating to Account -> Billing in your account. The billing page checks billable income in your account every 24 hours, so changes aren't reflected immediately.

At the end of each billing period you'll get an invoice via Stripe, but your card won't be charged right away - the invoice is payable within 15 days, and only then will the card on file will be run.

Another note! As of Oct 2023, the 15 day delay will no longer apply to new customers; instead, the card on file will be run on your billing day. This will reduce confusion, and we are always happy to re-calculate billing if there's an error.

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