Finding Income, Expense, and Transfer Totals

Every transaction in Infinite Catalog falls into one of three transaction "Type"s: Income, Expenses, and Transfers.

To view a summary of income, expenses, or transfers associated with an artist, release, track or anything else:

  1. Isolate the transactions you want to summarize; this can be done by adding filters in the main Transactions view, or going to Transactions tab in the detail page of whatever you're trying to summarize (and adding additional filters if needed). 
    1. E.g. if you wanted to see the total income for a release over a particular date range, you would add a filter for that release (or go to its detail page), and add a filter for that date range.
  2. Select Add Visualization -> Type
  3. Within the visualization, select View Table; this shows you a summary table of the transactions by type.
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