Additional Transactions aka "additionals"

Any income, expenses, and transfers that can't be pulled from a data source are considered "Additional Transactions," or simply "additionals."

The majority of a catalog's transactions come from data files (.csvs, .txts, etc.) provided by distributors, direct-to-fan platforms, PROs, etc. However every catalog has transactions, typically expenses and transfers, that need to be accounted in addition to the transactions provided by data sources. Because we're unable to source this info directly, additionals need to be provided by the catalog admins.  

Additionals can be input directly in IC one at a time, or imported in bulk. More detail on those processes here. If you're unsure of how to enter an additional, reach out! 

Common examples of additional transactions:
Type Transaction categories
Income syncs, merch table sales, 3rd party licensing, wholesales
Expenses production costs, manufacturing, PR, freight, videos
Transfers advances, tour support, merch advances
NOTE: additionals typically do *not* include expenses considered catalog "overhead," such as labor, rent, taxes, and accounting. Very often what can be considered an expense vs. overhead is detailed in the contract between the catalog and the artist/payees. More on expenses here

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