How to handle Bandcamp Fridays

If recoup is not a factor and you want artists paid their 100% right away: 

  1. Determine what the 100% amounts are for those days/whichever items (pivot tables work great for this)
  2. Pay the artists those amounts directly ("off the books" // no payouts in IC)
  3. Enter those same amounts into IC as additional expenses (negative as usual)
This way the income you want paid out 100% happens right away, and it gets balanced out in IC while allowing the rest of the bandcamp income/data to flow as normal. 

Note! Things get trickier if there's more than one payee on a particular artist/release/track/etc; if that's the case just let us know and we'll walk you through it.

If  you want artists  credited  for 100%, paid on the normal payout schedule, whether recouped or not:
Just let us know! We'll apply pro-rated contracts to just the transactions you want so that payees are collectively credited for 100% of that income. E.g. if it's normally a 25/25/50 contract, we'll apply a new contract that is 50/50 for the two payees only. 
If recoup is a factor, we'll put these transactions on their primary ledger. 
If recoup is not a factor, we'll put them on a separate ledger, so they get paid out regardless of recoup status. 
Either way, this income will get its own line in payees' summaries/statements, so you get the credit for your generous ways :) 

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