Direct Connection:

You can now set up a direct connection to Bandcamp, and your sales will be automatically imported into IC!

How to set it up:

  • In IC, go to Account -> Account Settings
  • Scroll down to Data Sources, hit the link in the box pictured below, and follow the instructions on the next page

That's it! 

You can connect artist or label accounts. If you need any help setting it up, just reach out to your friendly catalog manager and they'll help you out. 

Otherwise, here's how to get the data:

  • Log into Bandcamp
  • Select "Tools" from the dropdown in the upper right corner
  • In the Reports section select "raw data report"
  • Make sure to include: payment details, items details, buyer details
  • Select the desired date range and click "export raw data report"

Importing into IC

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports
  • Select Bandcamp or Bandcamp (Edited) from importer drop down menu.
  • For unedited Bandcamp files, use the Bandcamp importer. If for any reason your data needs to be edited or changed prior to importing, use the Bandcamp (edited) option.
Bandcamp "label" level accounts let you select a date range when exporting -- However, "artist" level accounts don't have that option - for "artist" level accounts you will need to manually remove rows that fall outside your desired date range. Once that is done, save the edited file as .CSV and use the "Bandcamp (Edited)" importer in IC. 
If your account is an unpaid label account, please contact Bandcamp support and ask for a "raw data report" for your desired date range including payment details, items details, and buyer details. Once it has been generated for you, use the Bandcamp importer in IC to import your data.
IC automatically deducts the transaction and Bandcamp fees from each transaction; we *also* deduct a hidden 1% fee that paypal charges you when Bandcamp transfers you the funds.
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