Ingrooves was recently acquired by Virgin Music, and navigating to now redirects to the Virgin Music Group portal - however, the Ingrooves Portal can still be accessed via Virgin Music Group by following the instructions below.

How to get the data:

  • Log in to InGrooves and click "Ingrooves Portal" at the bottom of the screen
  • Navigate to Finances -> Statements
  • To download a single month, click its `Sales Report` to get  [label_name_YYYYMM] or [label_name_YYYYMM]_DSR.xlxs
  • To download multiple months, select them and click `Download Selected` to get "", then unzip to get each month's report

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select INgrooves Digital (Excel) or INgrooves Digital (zip) depending on which file format you downloaded
  • This importer requires timestamps to be entered manually
  • For both Timestamp and Paid Timestamp, use a date within the same YYYYMM as the file

The importer is called "INgrooves Digital" but it can also ingest physical and expense data if those reports appear in your .zip files

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