How to get data:

  • Log in to Squarespace
  • Select the relevant site (Squarespace users can host multiple websites on the same account)
  • From the left side menu, navigate Selling -> Orders then click Download CSV on the right
  • Select all order types (Pending, Fulfilled, Cancelled)
  • Select "Specific Date Range" from the dropdown menu then choose your desired date range. 
  • Select "All Products" and click "Download" at the top right corner.
  • Open the downloaded CSV file, scroll to the bottom and delete any cancelled and refunded orders. Save file name with label + date range (recordlabelname - squarespace - sept'20).

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select the Squarespace importer from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the desired file and click "Import"
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