Payees are any entities or individuals that are owed a share of income in your account. Often, they can correlate quite closely with your artists, but they don’t necessarily need to. A band can be a single payee, or you may want to pay members individually, in which case create a payee per member. Payees can also be writers, performers, producers, or anyone else you may owe additional shares.

Create a payee by using the “Create” button on the Payee list. You can also create them inline when editing a contract or transfer by clicking ➕ next to the payee field in the form.

Use the payee dashboard to get the payee’s current balance, access their payee summaries, statements, payouts and related catalog objects, or make any necessary changes. Be careful when deleting payees, as the action is permanent. We recommend you remove any related users instead.

Payee Access

Transparency is our first priority at IC, and as such we give payees as much access to their data as possible. You can grant multiple users access to a single payee, or give a single user access to multiple payees depending on your needs.

Payee access lets users view any objects in your account that are related to their splits. This includes artists, releases, tracks, and items. Payees also have full read access to any published transactions in your system that affect their balances. Transactions are unpublished by default, generating statements will publish any that are used to calculate balances.

Invite payees individually or in bulk via “Manage Users” in the Account drop down menu, read more about Inviting and Managing Users.

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