Inviting and Managing Users

You can invite two kinds of users to your account in Infinite Catalog:

  • Admin - User will have full access to data and permissions to manage users
  • Payee - User will have access to the payee's catalog (artists, releases, etc) and published transactions

In both cases, users will get an email inviting them to create an account, followed by an activation email to verify their credentials.

To invite payee or admin users
  1. Log in to IC and click Account -> Manage Users
  2. Click Invite New User 

  3. Add their email and select either Admin, or select a specific Payee from the dropdown

To bulk invite payee users:

  1. Create a .CSV file with two columns - `id` and `email`.
  2. For each Payee you would like to invite - list the payee's email to send the invitation to, and the corresponding ID for the payee account that email will be granted access to. Payee IDs can be found on the Payees page in your account (Catalog -> Payees) by adding 'ID' to the Columns field. This will display the ID for each corresponding Payee. This list can also be downloaded by clicking Export at the top of the Payees page.
  3. Save this .CSV file in UTF-8 format, and import it via the uploader on the Bulk Invite page. This will trigger email invites for payee access for each ID and email address listed in the bulk import file.

Other things you can do in Manage Users:

  • View invites already sent but not yet accepted via the Pending Invites tab, next to Manage Users
  • Re-send Activation Emails to users who have created their accounts but not yet verified their credentials.
  • Send users a Reset Password email (this can also be done from the users end via Forgot Your Password? links at all login points)
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