Creating Contracts

Manually Creating Contracts

The easiest way to manually create contracts is in the Catalog Manager, but you can also create contracts from any Release, Track, Item, or Transaction page, or from the Contracts section.

To manually create a contract:

  • Navigate to a Release or Track and click Edit
  • Click the + button next to Contracts
  • Fill in the payee, the payee's split amount, and an optional ledger; if you need to, add new payees or ledgers via the +
  • Click save

It’s best to tackle your more complicated contract situations first, and work your way down to those that are more default/standard (for which you can use the Default Contracts tool outlined below).

Default Contracts

The default contract creator tool is helpful for assigning a standard contract split to releases across an entire catalog that don't already have one. It will never overwrite contracts you've already created and assigned. The tool uses artist names to create new payees when needed

To create default contracts:

  • Navigate to the Contracts page
  • Click the “Create Default Contracts” button
  • Enter a default split amount
  • Click save

Note! Default contracts are set to Crossed Collateralization. To create ledgers for each release, unselect the “Crossed” box. Read more about Ledgers.

Bulk Importing Contracts

Contracts and their splits can also be bulk imported alongside other objects in your catalog. For more information regarding this process, please see our Bulk Importing, Exporting, and Updating Objects documentation here.

Bundle Contracts

Accounting for multiple releases by different payees sold in a bundle is made simple in IC with the Bundle Contracts tool.

To create a bundle contract:

  • Navigate to the summary page for a release included in the bundle
  • Click the “Create Contract” button and select “Bundle” from the drop-down
  • Complete fields for Contract Name, Release, and Price
  • Use the “Add Another Release” button to include each release included in the bundle
  • Click “Submit”

Compilation Contracts

Creating a contract for a compilation or release with varied Track splits for different artists, producers, or featured artists for the first time? Follow the steps in our detailed Compilation Contracts doc for more help!

Creating pro-rated release contracts for compilations with many different payees is made simple in IC with the Compilation Contracts tool.

Note! The Compilation Contracts tool only creates release-level contracts for compilations once track contracts have been created and assigned. Every track in the release needs a contract in order for the system to calculate and create a pro-rated compilation contract.

To create a compilation contract:

  • Navigate to the summary page for the compilation
  • Click the “Create Contract” button and select “Compilation” from the drop-down
  • Edit the contract name as needed and review the pro-rated split amounts
  • Click “Create Contract”
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