How to get the data:

Multi-tab monthly statements are emailed to labels from ADA in Excel format. If you aren't receiving your monthly statements from ADA, reach out to your ADA label rep.

We recently upgraded the ADA importer so that it will ingest data from more tabs in their reports. Previously, our system accepted the following tabs: Sales, International Physical Sales, International Physical Returns, Downloads, Streams, International Digital, Excess Storage, Amazon Vinyl Packaging, and Sync Licensing. Our recent upgrade to the ADA importer added the following tabs:  Returns,  Return Proc,  Label Order,  Marketing,  Ex-US Expenses, Ex-US Cash Disc, Amazon Damage Allowance, and  Advertising.

Please note - ADA has a history of inserting unexpected tabs that we haven't seen before (and are unable to import as a result) - and we know of ADA tabs including "Sync Licensing", "D2C Physical", and "Mfg" that are inconsistent and similarly cannot be imported as a result. Please double check your files and use the manual transaction creator for anything that the importer is unable to ingest! 

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select the ADA importer from the dropdown menu
  • This importer requires timestamps to be entered manually
  • For Timestamp use the reporting month, for Paid Timestamp use one month after reporting month (ie Timestamp: 7/15/20 -- Paid Timestamp: 8/15/20)
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