Creating Transactions

There are two ways to create transactions in IC:

  • one at a time, via the Create Transaction form on the site 
  • in bulk, via an Additionals doc import

To create transactions one at a time directly in IC:

  1. Log into IC and navigate to Royalties -> Transactions, and click Create
  2. Fill in the appropriate fields
    • If a new Release or Contract needs to be created, hit +
    • Once created, you'll be brought back to the in-progress transaction
  3. Hit Save, or Save and Add Another 
    • When you hit Save, it automatically takes you to detail page for the transaction you've just created
    • If you hit Save and Add Another but want to view the transactions you've just created, go to Royalties -> Transactions, add the Created At column, and sort by most recent

To bulk import transactions via an Additionals doc:

Note! additionals docs are "single use," meaning once you import the transactions into IC, you can archive or delete the doc - a copy is saved in IC. The next time you need to import new transactions in bulk, make a new copy of the template.
  1. Go to the Additional Transactions template and hit File -> Make a Copy
    • Check the box for "Copy comments" if you like
    • Name it something like "[My Catalog] Additionals - May 2020"
  2. Fill in the required fields, at minimum
    • Check out the "examples and help comments" tab if you haven't filled out before
    • The doc won't import without the required fields, but you can always change things later
    • Note that the Payee field is required for any transfers; the Payee must already be in IC, and you must use the exact spelling
  3. Export from google sheets by hitting File -> Download -> CSV
  4. Import into IC by logging in, navigating to Royalties -> Data Imports, and hitting Create
  5. Select "Manual" as the source, drop in the file, and hit submit
  6. You'll get an email confirmation about your import, and whether it was successful or rejected

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