Import Infinite Catalog data from one account to another

If you are a catalog and also a payee on another catalog in IC, and need to retrieve IC data from your payee account to report to your own payees in your catalog, here is how to do so:

How to get the data:

  • Log in to your Infinite Catalog payee account or switch accounts
  • From the payee dashboard, navigate Periods -> click the desired period -> Transactions
  • Click "Actions" -> Export
  • Click "Customize Report" and add your Payee name in the Payee field
  • A CSV should be delivered to your inbox

Importing into IC:

  • Switch back to your Admin account, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select the Infinite Catalog (Payee Share) importer from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the desired file and click "Import"
  • This importer requires the Paid Timestamp to be entered manually. For Paid Timestamp, use the date the payout for the report was made to you by your distributor.
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