How to get the data:

  • Royalty reports are emailed quarterly
  • Reports are emailed in Excel .xlsx format.

Importing into IC:

Data from Fatbeats statements must be imported into our system manually - the easiest way to do so is by transposing and bulk importing transactions into an Additionals Doc by following these steps:

  1. Make a copy of our Additionals Transactions Template and name the copy something like "[My Catalog] Fatbeats - [Royalty Accounting Period]"
  2. Set the paid timestamp to the date of the payout listed on the "Summary" tab of the data for all transactions. For the timestamp, we'll copy over the date of each sale, listed in the Inv Date column for each row of the data in the Sales tab.
  3. Copy over each line of relevant information for each transaction from the Sales tab - the release name from Item Description, the catalog number from Item Code, the quantity from Qty.
  4. The Amount - or total - for each row must be adjusted to be inclusive of the Fatbeats distribution fee (25%). To do so: 
    1. Start by copying over the Amount of each row from the Sales tab to the "total" column in the Additionals. 
    2. In the first cell of the "currency" column (E2), type this formula: =SUM(D2*.75). This formula will account for the total of each transaction, minus the 25% distribution fee. 
    3. Copy & paste this first cell with the formula down the entire column. When finished, copy the new totals from this "currency" column and select the first cell under "total". Navigate to Edit -> Paste Special -> Values Only and paste. Now we have the updated totals in the correct column. 
    4. Delete the formula and data from the "currency" column and input the proper currency (i.e. USD, GBP, etc.) into each cell of this column.
  5. Once all relevant data has been transposed from the Fatbeats data, export from Google Sheets by hitting File -> Download -> CSV. Navigate to Royalties -> Transactions -> Create -> Bulk Create within IC. On the Bulk Create Transactions page, drag and drop in the file into the "Choose Files" field, and hit Submit.
Fatbeats statements also report digital sales as well as expenses when relevant, which can be transposed using these steps all on the same Additionals Doc. Please make sure to check over the entire statement to thoroughly account for all relevant transactions included in your royalty accounting!
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