Please note: Our Exploration importers accept YouTube reporting (Sound Recording and Composition reports) delivered via Exploration. If you are receiving other reporting that you need to account for in IC, please reach out to Support and let us know which other reports you are receiving from Exploration. As Exploration data is subject to reformatting from month to month, not all Exploration reporting can be accommodated by our importers and may need to be imported manually using our bulk importer.

How to get the data:

  • Exploration data is delivered in a .zip file via email
  • For YouTube data, if you have SVODAVOD, and/or Shorts Revenue reports - please use the YouTube Condensed Report .csv file contained within the .zip. This YouTube Condensed Report file consolidates the YouTube data into one file and is the YouTube data from Exploration that our system currently supports.

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports and click the Create button
  • For YouTube Composition reporting, select the Exploration (YouTube Condensed - Composition)
  • For YouTube Sound Recording reporting, select the Exploration (YouTube Condensed - Sound Recording) importer
  • Drag & drop the .csv file delivered to you in the .zip from Exploration
  • This importer requires the timestamp and paid timestamp to be entered manually. Use the month and year listed in the report for the timestamp (any day that month - we often use the 15th as a default). Use the date that the payout was made to you from your distributor as the paid timestamp.
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