How to get the data:

  • Log in to Adrev
  • In the left side bar, click Earnings -> Statements
  • Organize statements by Quarter
  • Download the following reports, they will download as .zip files:
    • Standard Videos
    • YT Premium Videos
    Some quarterly payments include totals for "Marketshare"; those transactions aren't included in any of AdRev's reporting and must be imported manually. To view those totals, navigate Earnings -> Marketshare, choose the relevant month/year, and click Download .csv.

Importing into IC:

  • Open the downloaded .zip files
  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports
  • Use the 'Adrev - Standard Videos' and 'AdRev - YouTube Red Videos' importers to import each respective report
  • This importer requires timestamps to be entered manually
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