How to get the data:

  • Log in to Merlin
  • From the left-side menu, navigate to File Manager
  • In the Sales folder, first select the Month, and then Data Source you would like to account for

  • For each data source, our Merlin Importer Help Text will let you know which reporting in the File Manager our system ingests for royalty accounting purposes as shown below. For many Merlin data sources, this is the Monthly-Sales.csv file - however, the filename can vary between each data source (such as the Spotify track-for-streaming.txt report in the example below)

Please note - for data sources with multiple reports in different currencies (i.e. EUR_Monthly-Sales.txt, USD_Monthly-Sales.txt, GBP_Monthly-Sales.txt), you will want to account for every report ending in that reporting format. Our Merlin importers map the Currency reported in the data itself, so you can easily import data reported in different Currencies using the same importer and our system will automatically assign currency conversion rates to transactions that are not in your account's native currency.

Importing into IC:

Before importing Merlin data, you'll want to be sure to select "Merlin" from the list of Data Sources in your Account Settings (Account -> Account Settings), which will enable all Merlin data source importers for your account.

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports
  • Select the importer corresponding to the Merlin data source you would like to account for in the drop-down importer selection menu. Merlin importers are denoted by the data source first (i.e. Spotify) and Merlin in parenthesis - for example, Spotify (Merlin).
  • Merlin importers require Paid Timestamps to be entered manually
  • For Paid Timestamp, use the date of remittance for that reporting month, found on the Reports & Invoices page in the Merlin reporting portal

Merlin Fees

Merlin's admin fees can be easily accounted for by adding the fee in the Importer Settings of each Merlin importer. To do so, follow the instructions detailed in this helpful Knowledge Base article.

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