Secretly Distribution

Direct Connection

You can now set up a direct connection for your Secretly Distribution data, and your Secretly reports will be automatically imported into IC, just like a regular data import. 

How to set it up:

  • In IC, navigate to Account -> Account Settings
  • Scroll down to the Direct Connections menu, click on the Secretly Distribution link in the box pictured below, and follow the instructions on the next page.

  • Copy the email we've generated for your account, and ask your Secretly rep to CC this address on your monthly statement emails
  • Check the Enable automatic imports box to activate your Secretly Distribution Direct Connection
  • The Secretly Distribution Direct Connection will now show âœ“Enabled on the Direct Connections menu, and your Secretly data will begin to automatically import into your account every month - the day after monthly Secretly statement emails are sent out
  • Imported statements will show up on the Data Imports page, broken out into separate imports corresponding to the respective monthly reports that our system ingests for royalty accounting purposes, just like a regular data import!
  • Note! Secretly Quickbooks expenses, included in the  qb.xlsx Quickbooks file in every monthly .zip report, must be entered manually. To do so, please reference the instructions below. If your Warehouse Fees (whfees) are being reported as a .pdf file, they must be entered manually as well.
    Starting in February 2023, Secretly began reporting third party chargebacks - previously included within "physpd" files - in their own  Physical Chargebacks Report. These new reports should be brought into the system using our  Secretly (Expense) Physical Chargebacks importer.

    Otherwise, here's how to get the data

    • Secretly monthly statements are emailed to labels directly as .zip files. 

    Importing into IC

    • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports
    • Unzip the Secretly .zip 
    • There are three main documents in the .zip for import. Each file type has its own dedicated importer: 
      • physpd.csv uses Secretly (Income) Physica
      • digpd.csv uses Secretly (Income) Digital
      • whfees.xlsx uses Secretly (Expense) Warehouse Process 


    • Secretly importers require the timestamp and paid timestamp to be entered manually. 
    • For the Timestamp use the month + year in .the zip name + any day in that month (we often use the 15th as a default). 
    • For the Paid Timestamp use the following month of that in the .zip name  - we use the month following the report, as Secretly makes payouts on a one month lag.
      • For example, files that are delivered in a .zip with the name would have the following timestamps:

    Timestamp: 09/15/22
    Paid Timestamp: 10/15/22

    Additional Info

    • .whfees.xlsx files will typically be named with the month following the one used in the .zip name (for, the file would be named RCRDwhfees100622.xlsx). When importing, follow the same instructions as above.  
    • On occasion, warehouse fees will only be reported as a .pdf file - if this is the case with your reporting, these warehouse fees must be entered manually into IC.
    • Additional freight + shipping expenses can be found in the Quickbooks file (RCRB120620qb.xlsx) included in every monthly .zip. These expenses must be entered manually by transferring the expenses to an IC additionals doc and then imported using the bulk transaction importer.
    • Only enter the values from the "Amount" column (usually column F). The values will be positive in the file but must be switched to a negative value when entered into additionals doc for IC to register the transactions as expenses. Warehouse fees also appear on this doc but can be ignored as they are imported via the whfees.xlsx doc.
    • Secretly reports their physical expenses via #000 transactions in Chargeback reports. These expense transactions have a default catalog number of #000, with the actual catalog number reflected in the "Title Description", which can be used to sort the expense items to their correct release during Import Cleanup.
    • Other files that may be be included in a Secretly monthly .zip and should be imported are: Chargebacks, Stock Out Fees, Returns Process, Logistic Storage, Excess Storage, Amazon Rebate. All of these file types have their own dedicated importer and can be found via the importer drop down menu.

    Legacy Info

    Secretly changed its documents layout in July 2018. Any files prior to that date must use the  Secretly (Income) Legacy Physical (pre July 2018) & the Secretly (Income) Legacy Digital (pre July 2018) importers .

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