How to get the Data:

  • Log in to Redeye's cpanel
  • In the left side menu, click Accounting then EOM Date Range
  • Download Physical Sales, Digital Sales - All, Returns, Advertising, Other Expenses, and Spotify Discovery Marketing (if applicable)
  • Each report should download directly in .csv format

When retrieving reporting from the Redeye cpanel, please be sure the files you retrieve are downloaded from the EOM Date Range portal - not the End of Month Statement portal.

Importing into IC:

  • In IC, navigate to Royalties -> Data Imports.
  • Select the respective Redeye importer from the dropdown menu for each individual report
  • Click submit (default timestamps are automatically assigned based on the schedule below)

When to get the data

Redeye's reporting date equates to what we call a timestamp in our system,  not the paid timestamp. The payouts for the various reports are delayed as follows:
  • Physical: 4 months
  • Digital: 3 months
  • Returns, Advertising, Spotify Discovery Marketing, and Other Expenses: 1 month
Say you needed data for Q4 (Oct - Dec), you would download the following files:
  • Physical: Jun 1 - Aug 31
  • Digital: Jul 1 - Sep 30
  • Returns, Advertising, and Other Expenses: Sep 1 - Nov 30
If you're doing a monthly data cycle for Oct, at the end of Oct, download the following:
  • Physical: Jun 1 - Jun 30
  • Digital: Jul 1 - Jul 31
  • Returns, Advertising, and Other Expenses: Sep 1 - Sep 30

Here's the full chart: Redeye Paid Timestamp vs. Data Month

As of November 2022, Redeye began reporting a Spotify Discovery Marketing report for labels enrolled in the Spotify Discovery program. Transactions from the Spotify Marketing report are meant to reduce the stream rate income amounts for corresponding Spotify Digital income transactions present in the Redeye Digital report. Use the Redeye - Spotify Discovery Marketing importer to import these transactions as negative income. Please reach out to Support if you have any questions about how these transactions are reported in IC.

Please note: withheld Redeye reserves reported on their Reserves statements are always returned in full so we don't use this report. If you wish to include transactions to reflect Redeye reserves, use our Reserves tool.

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