How To Read A Statement

How to read a Statement and Payee Summary

At the top of each statement & payee summary, all transactions for the period are summarized in a table in the Summary tab:

Income: Total income received within the Period for all releases and tracks

Expenses: Total expenses incurred within the Period for all releases and tracks

Net: Income less expenses

Payee Share Total: Total payee's share of the net for all releases and tracks, calculated by applying the Payee Split % for each balance upon net totals, broken down on each individual ledger tab

Current Payable: Total payee share for ledgers with a positive balance

Previous Payable: Total previous payable amount to payee as of start of period

Payouts: Payouts made during the period

Total Payable: Final payee balance for the period

Beneath the table is a list view outlining totals for the categories above for each individual ledger.

Ledger Tabs

Each ledger has its own detail tab similar to the Summary page with the same summarized transaction table and list view, providing a breakdown of balances by release and contract, starting with the Primary Ledger (by default, all cross collateralized balances fall into the Primary Ledger, unless uncrossed on their own ledger). 

The Payee Split is applied to the Net total to calculate the Payee Share for each balance. Any Previous Balances, Payouts for this period, and Transfers for this period are then factored in to calculate the Payee Balance for each line. Payee Balances are totaled to calculate each Ledger Balance for the period.

Income Tab

The Income tab breaks down income by source and format, and contains a helpful format summary at the top of the tab. 

This format summary breaks down the Net Units and Net Total for each format across income for the period.

A link to all Transactions factored into an individual income total is available for each line item in the Details column.

Expense Tab

Each expense is itemized by Date, Release, and Category, with any additional information summarized in the Memo column in the Expense tab. The link in the Transaction column links directly to the expense transaction for each line. Please note: Expenses are listed in full, with their Payee Share %s calculated on the corresponding ledger.

Payouts & Transfers Tab

The Payouts & Transfers tab gives a breakdown of any Payouts and/or Transfers made within the statement Period.

Payouts are a special type of transaction, applied to a payee's balance in full, used to settle the balances within a payee's summary/statement.  Payouts are applied to each balance from largest (positive) to smallest (negative). Payout contracts are automatically created by our system for any payout overages which are not applicable to line item balances at the time of payout - & these payout contracts ensure that the entirety of the payout is being credited at a 100% rate.

Transfers are transactions that get directly credited to or debited from a payee's ledger balance - such as Advances, Previous Balances, or Tour Support - without regard to the net or payee split %s.

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