Transfers are transactions that get directly credited to or debited from a payee's ledger balance, without regard to the net or their payee split %. 

Another way to say this is that transfers occur "post-split", meaning the amount is always calculated at 100%, directly to or from a payee's balance. 

Note! Payouts - the amounts sent to payees for royalties owed - are a special type of Transfer. More on those here.

Transfers that get entered as a negative value will reduce the payee's ledger balance by that amount; a positive value will increase it.
Common Transfer Categories Example Scenario Positive or Negative Value Entered
Advance advance paid to payee negative
Previous Balance there's an outstanding balance
positive if amount is owed to payee, negative if amount needs to be recouped
Tour Support tour support was sent to payee negative
Payee Merch Given merch was advanced to payee negative
Payee Payback to Label payee paid catalog for merch positive
Event event expenses advanced to payee negative
Mechanicals mechanical payouts count as advances negative

Please note - our system only allows for one payee per transfer transaction. In order to reflect transfers shared between multiple payees within IC, you will have to enter separate transactions for each payee reflecting each payee's percentage of the transfer amount. More details regarding bulk importing multiple transfers at a time can be found here.

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