How Can I View My Royalty Analytics?

Infinite Catalog statements give a detailed breakdown of royalties for each reporting period - and our Reports give IC users a powerful tool to get even more granular with the analytics of their royalty data.

By creating a report (Add Report) from the Transactions page of your account (Royalties -> Transactions), you can *infinitely* slice & dice your data in order to isolate data sets and create detailed breakdowns of your royalties - grouped by a multitude of different values (i.e. Retailer, Region, Track, Release) and viewed over time by Total or Quantity in a chart and/or table view.

Reports break values down by month when viewing by Timestamp, Paid Timestamp, or Created At - or leave the View by month using field empty to view lifetime totals. Change the Group by field to see your transactions grouped by different values. Select Total or Quantity in the Field value to see cumulative royalty totals or sales quantities in the report. Hover over each chart value to see totals, and click on the values to the right of the chart to hide or unhide certain values from the chart display.

By default, this report is run on every transaction in your account. Using the Add Filter function on this report, you can create a custom report by narrowing down the transactions in the report view to isolate transactions by many different fields. These filters will be used for any visualizations, actions, or exports you generate in the list view. The Operator select lets you choose how you want to filter the field, while the Value select is used to choose the value you'd like to use in the filter. You can filter using multiple fields, operators, and values. 

How to create a custom report

For example - if you wanted to view all of your Spotify and Apple/iTunes royalty totals from Q3 2022, you could first Add Filter with Retailer - in - Spotify & Apple/iTunes.

You could then add another filter Paid Timestamp - Start 07/01/2022 - End 09/30/2022 which would further narrow the transactions to view only Spotify & Apple/iTunes transactions with a Paid Timestamp in Q3 2022.

Add Report will then generate a detailed report from the filtered transactions, grouped by the value you select. Saved filters can be modified or deleted by clicking the badge describing the saved filter. The page URL in your browser actively updates any time a filter is added or a report is run, so this URL can be shared with any other account users

Our How To Use The Transactions Page doc provides a deeper look into these Transactions page fields and running filtered reporting within your account.

These reports provide specific and detailed analytics, and are an invaluable tool to help you better understand your royalties!

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