Payee Summaries vs. Statements

We breakdown royalty accounting periods for payees in two ways: Summaries and Statements. Both are accessible via the Statements tab in the Payee Dashboard. 


The always-up-to-date breakdown of a payee's account during a period - the "live" statement. Changing something that occurred during or prior to the period will automatically update the Payee Summary along with any subsequent summaries.  

Like transactions, summaries are unpublished by default- when you're ready to publish and payout, generate a statement.


Statements are the never-changing, carbon copy of a summary as it appears when you're ready to publish and payout. 

The statement acts as the reference for the payout. If anything changes after the fact, the affected payee summaries will automatically update, but the statement will stay the same, so there is never a question as to how a payout was determined. 

Statements are published by default, and the transactions the statement references are published simultaneously. 

Note! You can generate statements without notifying payees, but you can't generate statements without publishing the statement or the transactions. 

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