Payee Summary Review

The final step in completing a royalty round is for a catalog Admin to review Payee Summaries. 

Once approved, Admins are welcome to immediately generate statements + publish transactions, download them or invite payees to view in IC, and Payout the balances.

This should be done for several (if not all) payees who have payable balances. 

How to review:
  1. Navigate to the Period dashboard of the Period you would like to review payee balances for (Royalties -> Periods -> [Desired Period]).
  2. Click the Payee name in the Payee Balances tab to open their Summary, or navigate to Payee Summaries along the top navigation bar and click on the Payee name to view their Summary.
  3. Review the summary; if all looks in order, check off in the review list, and/or immediately generate statements + publish transactions.
  4. If you have any questions or need to change something, please let us know!
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